Fire Emblem: Awakening

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Notes: Any fractions are omitted, unless stated.

Combat stats


 = Strength or Magic + Weapon's Might + Weapon Rank bonus
Hit rate
 = Weapon's Hit rate + [(Skill x 3 + Luck) / 2] + Weapon Rank bonus
 = Weapon's Critical + (Skill / 2)
 = (Speed x 3 + Luck) / 2
 = Strength + Magic + Skill + Speed + Luck + Defence + Resistance

Note: The Strength stat is used when equipped with physical weapons, while the Magic stat is used for magical weapons.

Physical weapons: Swords, Lances, Axes, Bows, Stones
Magical weapons: Tomes, Levin Sword, Shockstick, Bolt Axe

Effective damage


Effective damage: Weapon Might is tripled if the character's weapon is effective against the enemy (e.g. the Falchion against dragon units).

Special Skills

Skills may have a variety of effects throughout the entire range of calculations. For more information, please check the Skills page.

In general:

Although characters may equip multiple offensive Skills with activation rates, only one of these Skills can activate at a given time; the priority of the Skills goes:

Lethality > Aether > Astra > Sol > Luna > Ignis > Vengeance

Weapon Rank bonus

When a character achieves a weapon rank of C or higher and has a matching weapon equipped, that character will receive a Weapon Rank bonus:

C Rank bonus
B Rank bonus
A Rank bonus
Attack +1
Attack +2
Attack +3
Lance, Bow, Tome
Attack +1
Attack +1, Hit rate +5
Attack +2, Hit rate +5
Hit rate +5 Hit rate +10
Attack +1, Hit rate +10
Recovery +1
Recovery +2
Recovery +3

E.g. if Sumia has an A rank in Lances and equips a Steel Lance, she will receive a Attack +2, Hit rate +5 bonus.

Beware that the Weapon Rank bonus is cancelled when facing an enemy who has a weapon triangle advantage.

Weapon triangle

Sword beats Axe beats Lance beats Sword

If a character's weapon type beats the enemy's weapon type, that character will have a weapon triangle advantage, while the enemy will have a disadvantage.

Weapon Rank (advantageous side)
Weapon triangle advantage
Weapon triangle disadvantage
E or D
Hit rate +5
Hit rate -5
Hit rate +10 Hit rate -10
Hit rate +10, Attack +1 Hit rate -10, Attack -1
Hit rate +15, Attack +1 Hit rate -15, Attack -1

Eg. if Chrom has a B rank in Swords and faces a Barbarian with an E rank in axes, Chrom will receive a Hit rate +10, Attack +1 bonus, while the Barbarian will receive a Hit rate -10, Attack -1 penalty.

Multiple attacks

Double attack  (Speed - Enemy's Speed) >= 5

When a Double attack occurs, the character attacks twice--the second attack occurs after the enemy's attack (unless they can't attack).

Note 1: Brave-type weapons (e.g. Brave Sword) allow the character to perform two consecutive attacks for each normal attack (max of 4 attacks).
Note 2: The Aether or Astra Skill may trigger during each normal or Brave attack, allowing the character to deal 2 or 5 consecutive attacks instead of 1 (max of 20 attacks).

Dual Strike

Dual Strike rate
 = (Lead & Support Unit's combined Skill / 4) + Support bonus + Skill bonus [%]

Dual Strike: If successful, the Support unit will attack the enemy immediately after the Lead unit attacks (only applies for normal or Brave attacks, so max of 4 times per fight).

Support bonus: Depends on the Lead and Support unit's support level: 20 (none), 30 (C), 40 (B), 50 (A), 60 (S)
Skill bonus: 10 if the Lead or Support unit has the Dual Strike+ Skill

Dual Guard

Dual Guard rate  = (Lead & Support Unit's combined Def or Res / 4) + Support bonus + Skill bonus [%]

Note: The Defence stat is used when blocking physical attacks, while the Resistance stat is used when blocking magical attacks.

Dual Guard: If successful, the Support unit will jump in front of the Lead unit and and negate all damage done by the enemy's attack. If a Dual Guard triggers while an enemy activates Aether or Astra, all of the enemy's 2 or 5 following attacks will be blocked.

Support bonus: Depends on the Lead and Support unit's support level: 0 (none), 2 (C), 5 (B), 7 (A), 10 (S)
Skill bonus: 10 if the Lead or Support unit has the Dual Guard+ Skill

Combat forecast

Attack (damage)
 = Attack + Weapon triangle bonus - Enemy's (Defence or Resistance + Terrain bonus)
Hit rate
 = Hit rate + Weapon triangle bonus + Support bonus - Enemy's (Avoid + Terrain bonus + Support bonus) [%]
Critical rate
 = Critical + Support bonus - Enemy's (Luck + Support bonus) [%]

Note: The Defence stat is used when attacking with physical weapons, while the Resistance stat is used for magical weapons.

Support bonus: Applies if at least one friendly unit is adjacent to the Lead unit.

Critical hits

Damage is tripled if the character performs a critical hit. Critical hits may trigger after an offensive Skill (e.g. Luna) has been triggered.


[To be added]

Internal Level

In addition to the displayed Level (circled above), characters also possess an "Internal Level", which you don't physically see in the game.

This value is intrinsically linked to the displayed Level and affects the character's rate of gaining experience; the higher the character's Internal Level, the less experience they gain for performing the same action (e.g. felling a Level 10 Cavalier).

Cumulative Level
 = 0 initially. Each time a Second Seal is used, add [(Displayed Level + Promotion bonus - 1) / 2 {At the time of Second Seal usage}] to this value
Internal Level  = Displayed Level + Promotion bonus + Cumulative Level

Promotion bonus: 20 if character is in a promoted class (special classes like Taguel count as non-promoted)

Cumulative Level caps at 20 on Normal mode, 30 on Hard mode and 50 on Lunatic or Lunatic+ Mode. After a character reaches their Cumulative Level cap, they can still continue to gain experience (provided their displayed Level isn't capped of course).

For example, if Donnel uses a Second Seal as a Level 15 Villager to reclass to a Level 1 Mercenary, his cumulative Level becomes (15 - 1) / 2 = 7, which means his internal Level is equal to 1 + 7 = 8.

If he then uses a Master Seal as a Level 10~20 Mercenary to promote to a Level 1 Hero, his cumulative Level remains unchanged at 7, making his internal Level equal to 1 + 20 + 7 = 28.

Finally (for the purpose of this example), if he uses a Second Seal as a Level 15 Hero to reclass to a Level 1 Bow Knight, his cumulative Level will increase by (20  + 15) / 2 = 17, placing it at 7 + 17 = 24. This value is reduced to 20 on Normal mode, so his internal Level will be equal to 1 + 20 + (20 on Normal mode, 24 on Hard mode and above) = 41 on Normal mode, 45 on Hard mode and above.

Weapon Rank progression

Weapon Rank
Required WEx
Total WEx
- to E
E to D
D to C
C to B
B to A

Note 1: Characters gain 2 Weapon Exp for each battle (or staff usage).
Note 2: Weapon Exp is gained even if no damage is done or the attacks all miss.
Note 3: The maximum Weapon Rank for characters is A.

(Last updated: 8th May 2013)